Xcelmicro is a full-service provider of technology services and solutions to small and medium-sized businesses.

With over 20+ years of experience deploying and maintaining IT systems, we understand what it takes to deliver world class IT support and solutions that help small businesses reap the benefits of properly managed IT.

Our mission is to ensure that your IT investments add value to your organization and is not just a business cost. By combining technical expertise and proven technologies with our innovative processes, we strive to deliver IT solutions that help

  • Increase employee productivity

  • Improve operations and procedures

  • Reduce cost

  • Protect and secure your data

  • and provide better service to your customers

Is your company ready to partner with us?


As a fullservice provider, we offer a full range of services and a staff that includes a diverse team of highly skilled technicians and engineers with the knowledge and expertise in a variety of areas. This allows us to be your single point of contact for ALL of your technology needs and provide you with the right IT solution(s) to address your organization’s specific challenges and goals.

We extend our technology and business capabilities through a powerful network of market leaders and partnerships with the some of the top IT companies in the industry who help us deliver the best technology support and services. 

Get to know some of the great companies that are part of our ecosystem: